Emer Simic and Olga Schwier Explore Strategies for IP Protection of AI Innovations in the Life Sciences in Article Published in IPWatchdog

Green Griffith partner Emer Simic and associate Olga Schwier authored an article on IP protection for artificial intelligence-related inventions in the life sciences that recently appeared in IPWatchdog.

Green Griffith partner Emer Simic and associate Olga Schwier recently published their article, “Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences Industry — Strategies for IP Protection” in IPWatchdog.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing sector of the life sciences industry, with broad-ranging applications in drug discovery, biotechnology, medical diagnosis, clinical trials, precision and personalized medicine and patient monitoring. Global biopharma companies have invested heavily in AI technology and are eager to secure IP protection for their AI-related innovations. But unlike traditional life science inventions, IP protection for AI-related innovations raises fundamental questions of inventorship, patent eligibility and public disclosure, which are not readily addressed by current US patent law.

In this article, Emer and Olga provide strategies to secure IP protection for AI-related innovations, including contractual considerations, trade secret protection, and a “patent playbook” for patenting AI-related life science innovations.

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